Dobermann breeding and puppies sale with high pedigree

Who we are

L’Di Casa Fox Doberman breeding” comes from Stefano Sandrelli’s passion for this wonderful breed; passion that began with the purchase of his first firefox on a farm in Tuscany in 1993, when he was still a child.
In subsequent years, thanks to the work done with professionalism, the breeding gets the recognition ENCI and FCI with the affix of “DI CASA FOX”

We breed and sell Doberman and we offer a pension for dogs

We select our dogs for character, health and beauty to give you the best. Our structure, located in Cagno (Como - Italy), instructs the puppy since its inception. In fact it accommodates in its interior, as well as a box of last generation, a large and comfortable park with playground sand for puppies and training camp in the grass (see slideshow below) to help them become adults and therefore fit better in our society.

Our structure, regularized USL rules and affiliated with the associazione sportiva FOXDOGCENTER will be glad for all those who wish to be members, to welcome and take care of your dogs on board.

In addition to the sale of puppies with high pedigree, we also offer the following services:

  • Imprinting and socialization of the puppy
  • Basic education
  • Rehabilitation problematic dogs
  • Obedience
  • Dogs’ preparation to utility and defence
    • Selection
    • ZTP
    • Patents ENCI - FCI (Enci2 - IpoV - Ipo 1.2.3.)
  • Preparation dogs expo (presentation by the ring and physical training)
  • Agility

Contact us for more information about our services:

Tel. +39-3332654996

Doberman of our breeding